How did food change history?

Food can tell us a lot about a society of the past and the present, including what people lived on and how they managed to create a food supply, often under difficult circumstances. Several important historical events have been dictated by changes in food tastes, such as the “sugar rush”. The history of food is as old as the history of humanity. Essential to our survival, food not only keeps us moving, but it can also bring friends and family together, trigger revolutions, transport cultures and transform the way we live.

So, for the next time your stomach rumbles, here's a 5-course menu with foods that have changed history. On the one hand, food is fundamental and universal to the human condition: food keeps us alive and has always done so. Organizations such as the Red Cross and the World Food Programme are dedicated to ensuring that much-needed food deliveries reach the line of fire. Food necessarily encompasses all other topics, whether it is the study of the nutritional components of food (for example, the history of food is an interdisciplinary field that examines the history and the cultural, economic, environmental and sociological impacts of food and human nutrition).

The upper class and the nobility had a better diet and diet than the lower classes, but food was eaten in small portions. One of the results of eating prepackaged foods is a reduction in the nutritional density of the foods consumed. A study showed that half of the dietary energy consumed by children came from fast foods eaten at home. The food industry already knew that it was easy to make food look good and even taste fresher by using chemical additives and mechanical processing.

The importance of the food supply for the war led to the invention of canned food; France offered a prize in 1795 to anyone who could develop a better method of preserving food. After the World War, many new food products became available for the typical household, and branded foods were advertised for convenience.

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