How popular is food delivery?

More than 112 million Americans claim to have used a food delivery service. Starbucks has a contract with Uber Eats, Popeyes with Postmates and Taco Bell and KFC with Grubhub. However, as public documents from Uber Eats and Grubhub show, partnerships don't always generate revenue. Often, larger partners pay delivery services lower rates, reducing their acceptance rates or even causing them to lose money.

On the contrary, some restaurants that rely heavily on home delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic have reported losing money on orders, as food delivery companies charge high service fees, which has led to political intervention in many cities. New York City also recently passed legislation to improve the conditions of food delivery workers. Despite the overall growth of the industry, the battle for customers is intensifying because there are currently fewer loyal diners to a single service. The former CEO of Grubhub cited “promiscuous customers” as an obstacle to his company's growth.

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