What are the sizing up snacking trends?

Searches for meal replacements increased over a 15-year period. Because snacks play such an important nutritional and satisfying role, 51 percent of those surveyed in a global survey said they had switched to protein-rich treats. Nuts, nut mixes and seeds (a market share of 41%) lead the global market for snacks for health and well-being, followed by protein bars (20%). Searches for “CBD snacks” increased by 100% in 10 years.

The monthly Japanese-themed snack box includes this. Bokksu has more than 20,000 subscribed customers. Searches for “plant-based diet” increased by 105% in 5 years. Why the sudden interest in plant-based snack options? Mostly health issues.

In fact, nearly half of consumers say they choose plant-based foods for “general health reasons.” While 24% say they want to limit their environmental impact. Searches for the snack provider for virtual meetings SnackMagic increased by 250% in the last 2 years. Searches for the cereal company DTC Magic Scoop increased by 1700% in 5 years. Searches for Flying Embers increased by 516% in the last 5 years.

Convenience also drives online sales of ready-to-eat snacks, and snacks are one of the top categories of food purchased through e-commerce channels. Competition in the snack market is high, especially in developed countries, where a large number of snack manufacturing companies operate to serve a limited population. Nowadays, consumers prefer their food to be easy to transport and quick to access, so snacks are the best option.

Hazel Guanio
Hazel Guanio

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