What food trends do you think will be new or grow in popularity in 2023?

At one point in the history of the United States, canned fish, despite its environmental benefits and its prominence in European culture, was frowned upon and considered a small amount of food. The affordability, climate-friendly nature and, frankly, the absolutely delicious characteristics of canned sardines, anchovies, mackerel and the like have made canned fish one of the most popular products on the market. Thanks mainly to TikTok, canned fish are having their moment. It's been called sexy food for girls, and we expect to see more home cooks storing canned fish in their pantries and including it on the menus of more restaurants.

Like beans, canned fish is versatile; stocking up on it means you can prepare a quick dinner on nights when deciding what to eat is a challenge. Keep in mind that, while the art of conserving fish has its roots in a centuries-old tradition, this isn't your grandmother's canned fish or just tuna. Young anglers are canning their own catches and reimagining the process by adding new flavors and options. They offer consumers real visibility into the inner workings of their business models and how they prioritize climate-friendly practices, says Rachel Bukowski, leader of the product development team at Whole Foods Market and member of the Trend Council.

In the Food Network's digital video series Stoked, for example, chef Yia Vang celebrates the legacy of preparing Hjong food on a wood-fired grill, from sautéed quails (pictured above) to Tiger Bite hot sauce. TikTok has become omnipresent, bringing Generation Z creators to fame and changing the way gastronomic trends begin and spread. Since Better Homes %26 Gardens Test Kitchen always works several months in advance to provide recipes for the magazine and other publications, they usually have a pretty good idea of when a new food trend is about to arrive. Not only did BHG recall the gastronomic trends of the last 100 years, but the world of social networks began to recreate dishes.

Whether it's a new and innovative dish from a chef, a baking trick through social media, or a new and tasty way to enjoy bread and butter, it's a lot of fun to follow the latest gastronomic trends. Since a new food trend seems to appear every week, it can be difficult to keep track of the best ones to try. Each year, Food Network publishers spend months collecting data and ideas to predict the next year's trends.

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