What is the goal of all f&b service staff?

The staff at F%26B Services needs to know the value of time when serving guests. Honest timing and a sense of urgency help maintain the service's workflow. Honest timing and sense of urgency help keep the service workflow running smoothly. The food and beverage department of hotel companies is a very busy operation.

The hotel is responsible for providing guests with all the expected amenities. These include appetizing food, affordable meals, and professional service similar to that of other hospitality establishments. Hotel food and beverage revenues (F%26B) are the profits that food and beverage services bring to the hotel. Knowledge of one's own responsibilities and functions, proper knowledge of food, food and beverage pairings, labels and service styles are a great way to build trust when serving guests.

A food safety supervisor is a person trained to recognize and prevent the risks associated with food handling in a F%26B service company.

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