What products are baby boomers interested in?

Since the 90s, the baby boomer generation has been the driving force of the wine industry. To date, baby boomers tend to buy more wine per month than any other generation. Having grown up in a fledgling wine industry, most baby boomers have a passion for wine that will continue for years to come. As more and more baby boomers are using smart devices, most book purchases are digital.

Studies have shown that most people in this generation prefer to read newspapers or short novels rather than watch television. This personal preference is due to both lifestyle and personal ideals. Most baby boomers are reaching the peak of their careers, which means they have little time for themselves. Because of this, they prefer to spend their time doing meaningful activities, such as reading books.

Skincare companies have long known that baby boomers prefer comfort to looks. They often buy products that make their skin look and feel good instead of products intended solely for beautification. As skin care technology advances, baby boomers are sure to get the most out of the new products. One of the things that baby boomers value most is family.

They have no qualms about buying expensive household items to make life easier for their families, and they enjoy gifting those items to each other. In addition, food is not bought by price, but by quality, no matter how expensive it is. Because baby boomers take pride in their homes, they're often looking for ways to improve their living spaces. With a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to perform certain tasks, such as making your own coffee every morning.

As a result, baby boomers prefer appliances that make their lives easier. When baby boomers buy cosmetics, they make sure they don't shop just because of the price. Quality varies depending on the product, and instead of risking their skin, most baby boomers choose to go the safe route and make an expensive but quality purchase. Many baby boomers are over sixty years old, still going out to have fun and are living full lives.

This demographic group doesn't see aging as limiting their ability to pursue things that make them happy. As marketers, our job is to empower these users to achieve their goals. We can achieve this by showing the benefits offered by the products or services. The Baby Boomer generation is made up of unique individuals.

While they don't all look exactly the same, there are a few things they have in common. As their children grow older, move and start starting families of their own, Boomers often find the freedom to pursue interests that they had had to postpone for years. That reality presents an opportunity for marketing experts, an opportunity that many are making good use of.

Hazel Guanio
Hazel Guanio

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